Comfy Parsnip Soup

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What comes to cooking, I prefer to prepare bigger amounts in exchange for one or two portions. Ok, I grew in a big family so it might have something to do with this habit! Anyway, though I love cooking and creating new taste combinations, I must admit that there´s a plenty of things at I use my time rather during weekdays. Fat biking, snowboarding, reading, writing and spending time with my lovely hubby and so on.

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Of course we don´t eat always yesterdays leftovers, but preparing bigger amounts of food gives you spare time and freedom.

Have I told you how much I love parsnips? Theres absolutely no any option for me to fed up with this root vegetable. Soft and creamy parsnip soup is the most perfect comfy food for snowy and sunny february. 

At this winter I´ve made almost every week something from parsnips. I love the sweet taste and creamy texture of this root vegetable. It is also in season so the prices are low right now! This warm soup fits perfectly to februarys cold and sunny weather and you don’t need grains or dairy

Soup is almost fast food and you can prepare it big portion at one time (if you have pan which is big enough!).

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6-8 portions

free from gluten, dairy and nut-free

1,2 kg fresh parsnips

¾ cup boiling water

¼ cup nutritional yeast

⅔ cup solid coconut milk

1 tbs sea salt

3,2 cups water

1 tsp black pepper

Peel parnips and remove dry parts. Cut into 5 cm x 5 cm pieces. Add metal steaming into pot and pour in with water. Add parnip pieces and cook under cover 20 minutes or until the pieces are soft.

Use scoop to raise parsnip pieces, 2 dl boiling water and 2 dl water to a bowl if you use hand blender. You can also make puree by mixing parsnips and water in a blender. Remove metal steaming from pot and pour parsnip puree in. Add nutritional yeast, sea salt, black pepper, solid part of coconut milk and 6 dl warm water. Mix well.

You can add to soup some feta cheese, chicken or boiled eggs. I prefer eating soup with fresh parsley.

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Warm and smooth parsnip soup fits perfectly to cold days of February. The best part is that soup is naturally free from gluten, dairy, nuts and grains.

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