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At the weekend it was time to turn clocks with one hour on. At autumn we have one hour more time to sleep since the clocks are turned one hour backwards, but this spring time.. Oh well. It seems that every year my body is more sensitive to this change. Though I haven’t never been a good sleeper, this kind of change make my sleeping issues much bigger. It’s like my body totally rebellions against this, it breaks my sleep rhythm and makes my heart beat like a drum. But like any other year, I know I survive. It just takes few weeks to get used to this.

greenjuice_smoothie_juicing_detox (6)greenjuice_smoothie_juicing_detox (2)

Since I haven’t slept very well past nights I’ve got few very bad migraine attacks too. Recent migraine attacks have been very painful. I’ve felt like someone is cutting my nerves. Ten years ago I was in a situation where I had approximately 18 bad migraine attacks per month. It is a lot, especially when I were a very young woman who’d like to go and do things. Experience the world.

On the other hand, the migraine is the thing which had me interested about nutrition and clean food. I started my wellness blog at December of 2009. It was my dear hobby and a way to teach myself. I red a lot of books and wrote a blog so that I could remember the things I’ve red. Well, my blog turned later my work. All things have their different sides. However, I’m very grateful that migraine shows up nowadays only during hormonal changes (if even then) or if I haven’t slept enough. Very rarely, therefore.

At migraine days it’s hard to even imagine eating a solid food. Luckily food can also be enjoyed in liquid form, thanks to smoothies and juices! We do not have the juicer yet, but Vitamix workd also quite well for juicing. At these days I welcome all the green power puff. My bodys cell choirs are singing the same melodies as my mind – they both want green things. I could drink this green elixir all day long. If you want to read more about the health benefits of spinach, you may wanna check this comprehensive article 34 Sciense Backed Health Benefits of Spinach – there’s quite much everything you need to know about this cheap and lovely superfood!

It seems that the colour of the juice is captured straight from childhoods fairy forests (isn’t it, haha) since it is filled with healing chlorophyll. The taste is not too healthy, but morelike fresh and slightly sweet.

So, my dear comrades, here’s some super green elixir for you.

greenjuice_smoothie_juicing_detox (7)greenjuice_smoothie_juicing_detox (5)


one big or two smaller portions

2 Granny Smith apples

1/3 cup spinach (tightly measured)

9 leafs strong mint

juice of 1/2 lime

15 cm piece of celery

1 1/4 cups of water

I recommend to use only organic ingredients to this juice to maximise the nutritional point and taste. Wash apples, spinach leafs and celery well. Cut apples into pieces and measure all the ingredients to a blender can (if you have a juicer, you can use it). Mix until juice is smooth. Take a dense colander and big bowl. Pour juice through colander and wait until there’s only green fibers left. Pour juice to glasses and enjoy immediately. Green dreams, honeys.

greenjuice_smoothie_juicing_detox (3)greenjuice_smoothie_juicing_detox (1)greenjuice_smoothie_juicing_detox

PS. I drank all this by myself, I highly recommend this!

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