Apple Matcha Drink For Party Table

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If you want to prepare a tasty surprise to your summer guests, you should try this delicious green smoothie. Refreshing drink hydrates and gives more energy. Don’t be afraid of the green color!

The drink is free from alcohol so it fits to adults and children too. The taste is suitable ratio of sweetness and freshness. The composition is something in the middle of  smoothie and juice. It is not too thick or too thin.

Apple flavor comes from fresh Granny Smith apples and Teapigs apple matcha drink. The drink is made in high speed blender and it can be prepared previous day.

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6 portions (á ¾ cup) 

free from gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugar 

2 pcs Teapigs apple matcha drinks

1 ¼ cup vichy

½ cup fresh spinach (tight measure)

2 Granny Smith apples

1 tbs honey

juice from 1 lime

15 strong mint leafs

Peel the apples and remove core. Measure apple pieces, spinach, honey, Teapigs drinks, lime juice and mint leafs into blender. Mix until smooth. Add then vichy and mix once more, but be gentle and quick! Pour smoothie into a can through thick strainer to remove extra fiber.

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