Hannamari Rahkonen

I am the pilot of Yellow Mood – an undisputed captain of the company as project-loving and passionate friend of espresso in the morning. I’m a freelance photographer, writer, cookbook author, healthy recipe developer and food stylist who concots a perfect mix out of anything between rambling and simplicity.

I live in Rovaniemi, Finland and share our ludicrous second-flood penthouse with my husband Tuomas, and a German Spitz called Riemu. We both work from home as freelancers, with a world as our office. Tuomas is graphic designer and is working in Yellow Mood time to times.

 I love sketching out new things, peaceful mornings, shared lunchtime’s, independent enterprise and nightless nights of North. I see the world through the lens of an esthetician, while questioning its measurements and  ideals of beauty.  I believe with all my heart that the sheer power of believing yourself and following your passion will lead to fruition that yealds best results – after all, these are the qualities that have helped to create a whole different atmoshphere to field of business that didn’t even even exist few years back.

My roots are in the north, it’s nature, people and pace of life. From here I draw most of my inspiration and my strength. Of course its nice to break free and dash to faraway places every now and then, soak yourself in the new influences, but nevertheless, getting back home is always the best.