Hannamari Rahkonen, editor-in-chief

Hannamari Rahkonen is a cook book author, recipe artist and photographer living in Rovaniemi, Finland. Rahkonen’s Sámi roots and her sense of nature can be seen in her strong and distinctive aesthetics and expression.

In 2021, Rahkonen will graduate CFAP and ECB certified sugar addiction professional from INFACT school and Bitten Jonsson’s Holistic Addiction Medicine training. Rahkonen is also a certified and licensed SUGAR® professional and TRE (trauma releasing excersices) provider. TRE is a vibration-based and stress-relieving therapeutic self-care method that enables emotions and thinking into new individual ways for members to experience their being.

Rahkonen’s books Best raw Desserts (2015) and Ketosis (2018) has reached great popularity. Her third book, The Book of Good Food (Hyvän ruoan kirja, Readme) contains +85 low-carb recipes and will be published in spring 2021.

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